Author: Mark Chandler

Bigger and Bolder: Font Requirements for Service Contracts and Warranties

Sometimes it’s not just what you say, but how big you say it—at least when it comes to service contracts and warranties.  While most states’ service contract and vehicle protection products (VPP) warranty laws have similar language for required disclosures in the terms and conditions, some states require unique formatting

12 States Amend Vehicle Service Contract Laws in 2019

2019 was a busy legislative year in the vehicle service contract and vehicle protection product warranty industry with 12 states passing legislation directly affecting the laws regulating these products. Below is a brief summary of the major changes made in each of these states; however, there may be other nuances

BoysTown Back To School Drive

This Thursday Meenan P.A. is co-hosting the Second Annual Back Pack Drive for Boys Town with the Administrative Law Section at Happy Motoring starting at 5:30.  Come on out and have some fund and do some good. Tax free time started over the weekend and extends through this week. If

Men on stage at an event.

Tim Meenan participates on Panel at FAIA

On June 21, 2019, Tim Meenan participated in a panel at the Florida Association of Insurance Agents discussing Assignment of Benefits reform legislation, the need for attorney fee multiplier reform, the importance of the 2020 elections and the new Florida Supreme Court.

“Back to School Bash” benefiting Boys Town of North Florida

Tim Meenan, James Ross and the rest of the Meenan Team partnered with the Administrative Law Section of the Florida Bar to host the inaugural “Back to School Bash” to benefit Boys Town of North Florida, a national organization that assists at-risk children.  All told we raised more than $300

Timothy Meenan with woman receiving award.

Meenan Presents Insurance Commissioner Resolution to Guaranty Fund Director

Sandy Robinson, President of American Guaranty Fund Group, and Executive Director of Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, receiving a resolution issued by Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier lauding her 30 years work in the insurance and guaranty fund industry’s. Presenting along with Tim Meenan is Kimberly Blackburn, FIGA Chair, and Tom