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Libertarian could help determine Florida’s next governor

The bold slogan splashed across Adrian Wyllie’s campaign materials urges Floridians to “Take a Stand!” It’s a motto the state’s Libertarian candidate for governor takes seriously. Driving through Bradenton recently in a black Chrysler 300 bearing Libertarian bumper stickers, Wyllie was prepared to be arrested at any moment. The 44-year-old

Florida Shifts Medicaid Mental Health Strategy

Seeking to improve care and lower costs, Florida this month became the first state to offer a Medicaid health plan designed exclusively for people with serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar conditions. The plan — offered by Avon, Conn.-based Magellan Complete Care — is part of

Alliance drops suit over Florida warranty reimbursement law

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers asked a federal court to dismiss its six-year-old lawsuit over Florida legislation on warranty reimbursement. The move Wednesday to end the lawsuit came after the court recently required some of the alliance’s member automakers to provide what the group described as “confidential business information.” “That

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is delaying by several months a planned expansion of its policy clearinghouse t0 make available those policies up for renewal, in order to improve the online system handling the policies. The clearinghouse was created in reform legislation passed during 2013 as part

Political Dominos Could Fall if FSU Selects John Thrasher

The clock is ticking for First Coast politicians as John Thrasher continues his efforts to become the next president of Florida State University. While FSU has opened the search to other candidates, Thrasher remains a top contender for the position. But Thrasher can be excused if he keeps an eye

State Asks to Liquidate Physicians United

Florida’s Department of Financial Services on Friday asked a judge to allow a takeover of the troubled Physicians United Medicare Advantage HMO. The DFS filed a petition in Leon County Circuit Court to place the Orlando-based plan into receivership because it is insolvent. The company’s May financial statement reported assets