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Five Disruptors in the Property and Casualty Industry

Wherever you turn in the business and technology media, the talk is all about the next disruption buy generic accutane. In the beginning, there was Google and Amazon. More recently, there’s been Facebook and social media platforms. Insurance has managed to sidestep most of these early forces of radical change

Citizens Launching Hurricane, Mobile Home Communications Campaigns

“Citizens Is Ready” is a public education campaign of programs and people working behind the scenes at Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to prepare Florida’s largest property insurer – in the event a catastrophe strikes. This campaign is designed to enhance the public awareness of the many ways Citizens prepares for

Citizens Completes Financial Preparations for 2015 Hurricane Season

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Citizens Property Insurance Corporation this week completed its 2015 hurricane season preparations by closing a $1.0 billion bond transaction to secure ready resources in the event of a major storm. On Tuesday, Citizens closed on the pre-event bonds that will provide the state’s insurer of last resort