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States Under Lobbying Pressure To Change Virtual Doctor Visit Rules, Laws

Virtual doctor visits are happening everywhere these days. You can get long-distance medical consultations at Connecticut rest areas, at Rite Aid kiosks, even through apps on your smartphone. Major insurers like UnitedHealth are starting to offer them to millions of customers on the assumption that a conversation with the doctor

The Virtual Doctor Will See You Now

Walgreens, the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain, has announced plans to provide virtual medical exams to patients in 25 states by the end of the year. The news is part of a larger trend of giving patients less expensive alternatives to a doctor’s office visit.Patients will be able to use

Video Is About to Become the Way We All Visit the Doctor

The country’s largest health insurer is putting telemedicine on par with a regular trip to the doctor’s office, effectively saying a video visit is as good as brick-and-mortar medicine. UnitedHealthcare is announcing a partnership with three telemedicine companies to cover video-based doctor visits just as it covers in-person visits. The tech set has

Telemed Doctors No More or Less Likely to Prescribe Antibiotics

  Antibiotic prescriptions were as frequent among doctors providing care through a telemedicine appointment as physicians who saw patients face-to-face, a new study found, but the types of antibiotics prescribed via telemedicine were more expensive and could increase antimicrobial resistance. The study, conducted by the Rand Corp., and published Tuesday