Fifty State Government Relations


The needs of our clients are not always limited to issues within the state of Florida. Many of our firm’s insurance- and service-contract-industry clients conduct business nationwide and are subject to regulation in most, if not all, of the states in which they do business. That’s why it’s important for those opereating in these industries to have an attorney with the ability, experience, and contact network necessary to effectively operate in each of the fifty states and at the Federal level as well.

Our skilled attorneys conduct nationwide monitoring of relevant state laws, rules, and judicial opinions pertaining to issues of great importance to our clients. We keep clients on top of all the latest developments so our clients may continue to maintain compliance with the ever-changing nature of state regulations.


This practice area frequently involves proactively seeking regulatory opinions from state agencies and lobbying for legislation, regulation, and interpretation that serves the needs of our clients. Our firm has an extensive history of actively organizing and implementing grassroots, grasstops, and direct campaigns that motivate authoritative bodies to consider our clients’ causes in a favorable light.


At times our efforts include strengthening our clients’ positions by coordinating the engagement of local counsel outside of Florida. Local counsel may be engaged to confirm administrative positions on specific issues or to pursue regulatory or legislative change. Our firm has over fifteen years of experience establishing relationships and building a network of local attorneys who stand ready to pursue the goals of clients in Florida and beyond.

When your organization operates nationwide, you need strong legal counsel that operates nationwide as well. Meenan P.A. has a demonstrable history of understanding, educating our clients about, and when necessary helping to effect change in the regulatory atmosphere of all fifty states.

Our Fifty State Government Relations Team

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