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Meenan P.A. offers extensive, demonstrated experience from attorneys who have previously worked as senior-level insurance regulators, in-house at insurance companies, and/or for a decade or more as insurance regulatory attorneys. We have a uniquely panoptic perspective on the insurance regulatory process, the value of which has been proven across many successful actions from lobbying for changes to insurance laws to managing multi-state insurance regulatory projects in the role of outside regulatory and government relations counsel.

We focus on administrative and regulatory requirements of regulated entities, and handle a wide range of matters, including (but not limited to):


We are honored to serve as General Counsel to the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA), the legislatively created entity responsible for coordinating and paying claims of insolvent property and casualty insurers in Florida. Further, our firm manages and serves as general counsel to several state and national insurance trade associations, including the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC), the national trade group for service contract companies, which has required our firm to work with insurance regulators and state legislators on a national scale.

We have met with insurance commissioners, challenged rules, and successfully lobbied for legislative law changes throughout the country. Our firm monitors all legislation filed which affects this industry across the nation. We also serve as executive director and general counsel to the Florida Services Agreement Association (FSAA), the Florida-specific service contract trade association. In the debt waiver area, we serve as executive director and general counsel the Guaranteed Asset Protection Association (GAPA), the national trade association for the debt waiver industry.


Our attorneys include former senior level insurance regulators and attorneys, as well as attorneys who have worked in-house at insurance companies. Included in our current client roster are:

We have assisted many new entities in licensure matters before state agencies. Most frequently in Florida our firm practices before the Office of Insurance Regulation, Department of Financial Services, and the Agency for Health Care Administration. These include initial applications, adding a line of insurance, form and rate filing applications, and mergers and acquisition applications on behalf of:

In addition, we assist clients with related litigation for all lines of insurance before the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH).


We have assisted numerous entities in charting and reaching national regulatory compliance and licensure goals in numerous states. Our firm regularly serves as outside government relations and regulatory counsel to assist our clients with managing insurance legislative and regulatory projects in all fifty states.

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