Motor Vehicle Protection Product Regulation


The regulations that cover the markets for ‘motor vehicle protection products’ are highly irregular. The products that are expressly authorized vary from state to state, and those that are permitted under current service contract laws by interpretation can vary even more. Still other states that no express statuory authorization for one or more of these products, in some instances, may choose to treat them as insurance products.

To compound the issue, the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has added an additional layer of Federal regulation, which must be carefully tracked as well.


For any entity selling, managing, insuring, or providing service contracts related to motor vehicle protection products, maintaining compliance across a patchwork of state and Federal regulations this presents a difficult dilemma. Meenan P.A. takes the role of guide, offering organizations levels of compliance counseling that range from a simple summary of the relevant laws to the creation of a comprehensive program of actions that need to be taken in order to achieve maximum compliance.


Our lawyers come to the table with years of experience with service contracts, extended warranties, and every other variation of motor vehicle service contract law. Our past and current client roster has offered us not just understanding of the system, but also allowed us to build a list of contacts within the regulatory agencies of every state. With their assistance, we can get official answers on regulatory questions of any degree of obscurity.


When we serve as counsel to the Motor Vehicle Protection Product industry, we may act on behalf of our clients in several ways:

All of these efforts help each of our clients in the motor vehicle protection products industry to continue to do business effectively and profitably. By applying our efforts to every aspect of motor vehicle protection products regulation, as well as a wide variety of related regulatory areas from home warranties to guaranteed asset protection plans, we can help ensure your business is able to survive and grow throughout the nation.

Our Motor Vehicle Protection Product Regulation Team

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