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This Father’s Day, Protect Dad From Himself

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Dads are the best, but they’re not quite perfect. In fact, sometimes they can make some pretty whopping mistakes. It’s not hard to imagine a dad showing off for Father’s Day by insisting he doesn’t need help hanging his brand-new flat screen TV – only to send

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Programs

Meenan P.A. is the source for service contract law and extended warranty law programs.    As general counsel of the Service Contract Industry Council, we write the laws, and hire the lobbyists to enact them, throughout the United States.  Other law firms report on what we are doing…come to the source

6 Things you Must Know About Tech Warranties

Extended coverage could pay off if your phone, laptop or tablet meets with an accident. 1. The dog ate my smart phone. In a recent survey of 1,000 parents, half said their kids had damaged a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Pets do their share of mischief, too. Plus, plenty