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Meenan P.A. sponsored the Bermuda Risk Summit in concert with the Business Development Agency Bermuda on March 13-15, 2024

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Summit heard speakers from around the globe on issues facing the reinsurance and direct writing markets.  Tim Meenan hosted a panel including Florida Insurance Commissioner Mike Yaworsky, Florida State Representative Tom Fabricio, and Orange Insurance Exchange CEO Don Matz.  The panel discussed the recent legislative changes in Florida which

Meenan P.A. Sponsors Bermuda Risk Summit

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Meenan P.A. is excited to sponsor the Bermuda Risk Summit, March 13-15, with over 500 top reinsurers and brokers in attendance!  Tim Meenan will be hosting a star studded panel discussing the status of the Florida Property Insurance Market, Meenan P.A.’s formation of new property companies entering the market, and

Property Insurance Special Session 2022D – Legislative Update

By Tim Meenan, Dan Olson & Joy Ryan Meenan Law Firm   The Florida Legislature met in special session from May 23 – 25, 2022, to address the affordability and availability of residential property insurance as well as condominium law reforms related to the Surfside condo collapse.  The Legislature passed

Stahl v. Hialeah – SCOTUS Summary

The U.S. Supreme Court, taking the same position as the Florida Supreme Court, recently declined cert and therefore will not exercise judicial review over a case challenging the worker’s compensation system established in Florida.  The U.S. Supreme Court gave no comment or explanation as to why they denied the petition

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Regulatory Compliance in the Age of Disruption

Meenan P.A. has assisted many clients with developing alternate plans for insurance regulatory compliance throughout the country.  When insurance programs were developing a decade ago for wireless devices and phones, Meenan P.A. helped construct and implement a compliance regimen allowing the sale of insurance at thousands of retail outlets without

Kevin McCarty

Kevin McCarty Reflects on Job

The attorneys and staff of Meenan PA thank Commissioner McCarty for his service to the people of Florida and wish him luck in his future endeavors.  The News Service of Florida had five questions for McCarty in the article below:   Florida’s Outgoing Insurance Commissioner Reflects On Job By Jim

ATV Service Contracts: Motor Vehicles or Consumer Goods?

Is an all-terrain vehicle (“ATV”) a motor vehicle?  In the most literal sense the answer is “yes,” but in the context of ATV service contracts the best answer is “it depends.” In some states the term “motor vehicle” is defined to expressly include ATVs (e.g., California and Colorado).  Other states take

Commissioner McCarty Announces Resignation

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty announced today that he will be resigning effective May 2, 2016.  McCarty has served as commissioner for 12 years. “I am looking forward to exploring new opportunities that will allow me to use the skills, knowledge and expertise I’ve gained as Insurance Commissioner. In the