Regulatory Compliance in the Age of Disruption

Man ripping up insurance contract.

Meenan P.A. has assisted many clients with developing alternate plans for insurance regulatory compliance throughout the country.  When insurance programs were developing a decade ago for wireless devices and phones, Meenan P.A. helped construct and implement a compliance regimen allowing the sale of insurance at thousands of retail outlets without pre-licensing education and testing of tens of thousands of retail employees.

When many states declared “guaranteed asset protection” or GAP coverage sold at automobile dealerships to be insurance, we helped pave that way to develop the product as debt waiver.  Now customers throughout the United States purchase this coverage at dealerships, banks and credit unions, and are no longer forced to keep making car payments after their vehicle has been stolen or totaled in an accident.  Our role as General Counsel of the Guaranteed Asset Protection Alliance has put us on the forefront of these issues.

Service contracts covering consumer electronics, homes and automobiles are sold in a retail environment, and Meenan P.A. has worked to assure that regulation of this industry is balanced, but does not include rate regulation or overly burdensome marketing restrictions.  For more than 25 years, Tim Meenan has served as the General Counsel of the Service Contract Industry Council, and our firm has overseen regulatory work and legislation in virtually every state capitol and insurance commissioners office on behalf of this industry.

Other programs including warranties on consumer products that provide additional coverages, tire and wheel, appearance care, key fob, windshield repair, and many others have all found a way through the 50 state insurance maze thanks to Meenan P.A. and its dedicated attorneys.

Whether its creative insurance regulatory solutions involving surplus lines insurance, Risk Retention Groups, or fully licensed insurance companies, Meenan P.A can assist you in bringing your insurance concepts to fruition.  New company applications or acquisitions, agent and agency licensure, legislative and regulatory solutions, we stand ready to assist your venture.

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