Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Florida’s 2015 Insurance Legislation Takes Effect

Below is a list of insurance-related Florida legislation passed by lawmakers in the 2015 regular session. All legislation has been approved by Governor Rick Scott and became effective as of July 1, 2015.

HB1133 – Florida Agent Licensing

Aligns college coursework with current Florida agent pre‑licensing requirements

SB 1094: Peril of Flood

Specifies requirements for the coastal management element required for a local government comprehensive plan; requiring a surveyor and mapper to submit a copy of each elevation certificate that he or she completes to the Division of Emergency Management within a specified period beginning on a specified date; authorizing the redaction of certain personal information from the copy; deleting a provision that prohibits supplemental flood insurance from including excess coverage over any other insurance covering the peril of flood, etc.

HB 4011: Motor Vehicle Insurance

Revises terms “motor vehicle insurance” & “policy” to remove exclusions for policies that insure more than four automobiles from provisions regulating insurance rates & cancellation or nonrenewal of motor vehicle insurance contracts.

HB 715: Eligibility for Coverage by Citizens Property Insurance Corp.

Removes provision that prohibited certain improvements to major structures from being eligible for Citizens Property Insurance coverage; revises provisions regarding coverage for major structures that have undergone specified changes after a date certain.

SB 836: Florida Insurance Guaranty Association

Revises provisions relating to the levy of assessments on insurers by the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association; requiring charges or recoupments to be displayed separately on premium statements to policyholders and prohibiting their inclusion in rates, etc.

For entire list: .pdf | Insurance Journal