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Out-of-Network Costs Lurk Even at In-Network Hospitals

Lorena Martin’s 18-year-old son, Robert, hurt his ankle playing football one recent Friday evening. He was in pain and unable to walk, and she was concerned that he’d done real damage.. Both her doctor’s office and the nearby urgent care center were closed, so with no other options, she took

Author of ‘Unaccountable’ Kicks Off Healthcare Commission’s ‘Transparency Tour’

AUTHOR OF ‘UNACCOUNTABLE’ KICKS OFF HEALTHCARE COMMISSION’S TRAVELING ‘TRANSPARENCY TOUR’ via Christine Sexton of Florida Politics The “Spotlight Transparency Tour” starts in Tampa on Wednesday June 17 with at least two local hospital executives and Marty Makary, medical doctor and author of “Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care,” slated

Florida House Advances Plan to Deregulate Hospital Expansion

Determined to show that more competition will lead to better access to healthcare, a Florida House committee gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a plan to eliminate the controversial law that requires state approval for the building of new hospitals. The House Health Innovation Subcommittee voted 9-3 along party lines to

Governor Scott Has Own Plans for Hospital Funding

Gov. Rick Scott has submitted a plan to the federal government that would shift federal money to treat uninsured patients from public, safety-net providers to for-profit hospitals. The plan has come under fire from the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida, which did an analysis that showed the governor is