Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding’s Work Will Help Guide Funding Decisions at Public Hospitals Next Year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today, the Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding met in Jacksonville for the second stop on its Spotlight Transparency Tour across Florida. Governor Scott charged the Commission with investigating how taxpayer dollars fund hospitals and the affect those tax dollars have on patient outcomes and quality of health care.

Governor Scott said, “Last week, Florida saw a tremendous victory when we finally received an agreement in principle from the federal government to continue part of Florida’s Low Income Pool funding even though we did not expand Obamacare. As we prepare for the next legislative session, it is imperative that the Commission continues to look at taxpayer funded hospitals to ensure there is a measurable return on investment on any money these institutions receive in the future. This review will help guide our decisions when determining how to best move forward so all Floridians can know exactly how their tax dollars are being spent and the outcomes being received at each hospital.”

For entire press release: .pdf