House Speaker Will Weatherford – 2014 Opening Day Speech

Welcome back to our final Session.
If you kept my gift from Organizational Session, the countdown clock, you’ll note that there are 245 days left.
But for all practical purposes, we’re in the final 60 days of what I hope will mark a productive, meaningful, and policy-focused second half.
And so today, we gather together in this chamber.
A Chamber that the casual observer might say is just one big room with 120 desks, 47 Speaker portraits, 10 historic murals placed in 5,871 square feet of carpet, concrete, and wood. Thankfully, only 1 dais.
This House, the Florida House, is a special place.
And each of us is privileged to be here.
To serve, to represent the millions of Floridians who sent us here to work for them.
A little later this morning we are going to receive the “State of the State” from our Governor, Governor Scott.

Speaker Weatherford’s entire speech here.