Providers Assault on Managed Care Moves to Full Senate

From the Florida Insurance Council:

The Senate Appropriations Committee this afternoon approved and cleared for the full Senate probably the most expensive assault on health insurance and managed care in recent legislative history. A major amendment produced some improvements, but FIC and other health plan lobbyists continued to oppose the package, which assaults step therapy and prior authorization and also impacts the ability of carriers to retroactively deny claims when the insurance premium is not paid.

Paul Sanford, lobbyist for FIC and Florida Blue, commended the Senate sponsor, Denise Grimsley, R-Sebring, “for how hard she has worked with us.” Sen. Grimsley is trying to structure the package “to do all of the things people would like it to do” and still provide health insurers the tools to manage costs, Paul said.

He singled out a huge remaining issue, two provisions not found in any other state “allowing the physician to terminate step therapy at will…

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