Senate TeleHealth Bill Extends To Out-Of- State Docs, Nurses And Pharmacists

Florida lawmakers have been weighing how to regulate telemedicine—generating debate between doctors’ groups and other healthcare providers. The House has been moving its telehealth proposal along, but the Senate version of the bill had its first hearing Tuesday.

There are several different bills on telemedicine for lawmakers to consider, but when it comes to the Senate’s plans, only one proposal is finding widespread support from various physician groups, at least so far. That’s because an amendment to the bill singles out nurses, pharmacists and others who are engaged in their own fight in this year’s session.

“ARNP’s, PA’s and Pharmacists, will be able to practice telemedicine just as they do under their existing scope of practice,” says Rep. Rene Garcia (R-Hialeah) who sponsored the amendment. “We want to make sure…

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