Bills that failed in the 2014 Florida Legislature

Measures that failed to pass during the 2012 regular session of the Florida Legislature, which ended Friday, would have:

—Taken $50 billion in federal money over the next decade to expand Medicaid health coverage for needy Floridians.
—Promoted the use of telemedicine in Florida and establish requirements for health providers who treat patients remotely.
—Marketed the state as a destination for medical procedures to national and international audiences. While the bill did not pass there is still money in the state budget for medical tourism.
—Ended a legal dispute over the creation of three trauma centers.
—Revised eligibility requirements for the state’s subsidized children health insurance program so that legal immigrants no longer have to wait five years to become eligible.
— Allowed the shift of homeowner policies away from Citizens Property Insurance and into largely unregulated surplus line carriers.

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