Dem rivals for AG reach consensus on Bondi bashing

In the Florida Attorney General race, Democrats still must choose between George Sheldon and Perry Thurston in the Aug. 26 primary.

But nevermind that contest. For now at least, both candidates are focusing on the opponent who awaits — Attorney General Pam Bondi.

On Tuesday, Thurston, who is the outgoing Minority Leader in the Florida House as a representative from Fort Lauderdale, launched a new website: Bondi’s Bungles.

The website mocks Bondi throughout, sporting a tagline: “Yeah, I said that,” against a black-and-white photo of Bondi. Highlights include her stances against gay marriagevoting rights for felons, the Affordable Care Act, a proposed ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana, and a memorable trip to the University of Florida.

The website classifies each one as a “bungle” and will add more in the coming weeks, said Zachary Meunier, Thurston’s campaign manager.

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