By not expanding Medicaid, Florida is missing out on 63,800 jobs, Charlie Crist says

The White House has new ammunition for those fighting for Medicaid expansion: It would create jobs.

The study by the White House Council of Economic Advisers — titled “Missed Opportunities” — provides a state-by-state analysis of how many jobs would be created by expanding Medicaid. The number for Florida: 63,800 jobs between 2014 and 2017.

The study is part of the Obama administration’s promotion of the Affordable Care Act, which includes the federal government picking up the initial tab for Medicaid expansion.

Democrats including former Gov. Charlie Crist are using the study to attack Scott for Florida’s decision not to expand Medicaid. Crist is expected to win his primary and face Scott in November.

“Expanding Medicaid would create 63k jobs — but Rick Scott still won’t do it,” Crist said on Twitter July 2.

Florida’s Republican-led Legislature opposes expanding Medicaid. Scott once opposed it, too, but switched positions in 2013 and now supports it. Supporters of the expansion say Scott…

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