Florida Decides Poll: Voters not quite warm yet for 2016 candidates

When it comes to 2016, Florida’s likely voters are not yet warming-up to the field of possible candidates for president.

The exclusive Florida Decides Statewide Poll took the temperature of voters and how they feel about a select set of Republican and Democratic candidates. The favorability ratings were based on a scale of 0 to 100.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio led the Republican field with favorability ratings of 48 and 45, respectively.

“I thought he did a great job for Florida back in the 2004 hurricanes,” said Mike Carlock, referring to Jeb Bush.

JJ Soto chimed in about Rubio, “Maybe it’s time for a Hispanic to up into the running. Never know.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie followed with a rating of 39. And coming in last with a rating of 38 was junior U.S. Senator Rand Paul.

“I don’t think the approval rating for any of them is really that great,” said Alex Young of Orlando.

On the Democratic side, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a more favorable rating to Vice President Joe Biden, 43 to 33.

“I think it’s about time for a woman in the White House, personally I’m ready to see it and I think there’s a lot of change we could do,” said Heather Buell of Orlando.

“She has a lot of respect in Britain as well. I think she’d be great really to become the new President,” added Chiron Hooson, a British citizen vacationing in Central Florida.

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