Governor Rick Scott Applauds Legislature and Calls Cell Phone and TV Tax Cut a Big Win for Florida Families

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott applauded the Legislature for passing more than $400 million in tax cuts, mostly in reductions to the state’s cell phone and TV tax, and released the following statement:

Governor Rick Scott said, “Giving Floridians back more of the money they earn in tax cuts is the best thing we can do to keep Florida’s economy growing. Cutting Florida’s cell phone and TV tax is particularly important because it will save money for Florida families who pay a cell phone, satellite or cable TV bill. Florida’s budget had an over $1 billion budget surplus this year because of the hard work of Floridians, and this tax cut package will send more than $400 million back to the people who earned it. I applaud the Florida House and the Florida Senate for their work on this legislation and I look forward to working with them to keep cutting taxes next year and to keep Florida working.”

For entire press release: .pdf | Governor Rick Scott