Governor Rick Scott Signs 55 Bills into Law

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law on Wednesday, June 10th:

HB 21 Substance Abuse Services – This bill establishes a voluntary certification program for recovery residences and recovery residence administrators.
HB 41 Hazardous Walking Conditions – This bill creates a safer environment for students walking to school by further defining and correcting hazardous walking conditions.
HB 79 Crisis Stabilization Services – This bill requires the creation of a database for crisis stabilization services.
HB 145 Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board – This bill relates to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board.
HB 153 Literacy Jump Start Pilot Project – This bill establishes a five-year Literacy Jump Start Pilot Project in St. Lucie County to help low-income, at-risk children better develop literacy skills.
HB 243 Vital Statistics – This bill makes changes to the production and maintenance of death certificates and burial transit permits.

For entire list: .pdf | Governor Rick Scott