Senator Bean Calls for the Creation of a Joint Legislative Task Force on Health Care Policy Innovation

TALLAHASSEE,Fla–Senator Aaron Bean (R-Fernandina Beach), chair of the Senate Committee on Health Policy, today announced the cancellation of Tuesday’s scheduled committee meeting and released the following statement requesting the creation of a Joint House and Senate Task Force on Health Care Policy Innovation.

“Last week, our committee held a workshop where we reviewed and discussed several pieces of legislation designed to expand access, increase competition and lower the cost of health care services in our state. In one form or another some of these policy ideas have previously earned support in the Senate, while others are new and have not yet been fully explored.

“In the days following the workshop, I have had the opportunity to meet with Senators, listen to their feedback and discuss various viewpoints on how and when these bills should move forward. The consensus view is that a 20-day special session focused primarily on our constitutional responsibility to pass a balanced budget does not lend itself to a thorough and proper vetting of foundational changes to our health care delivery system.

“With the legislature scheduled to reconvene for committee meetings as early as September, I believe we have time to continue to work on these and other policy ideas in the interim. President Gardiner is open to the creation of a Joint Task Force on Health Care Policy Innovation. I believe this approach will provide the opportunity for the House and Senate to debate, discuss and take public testimony on comprehensive short and long term solutions to Florida’s health care challenges.”

For entire press release: .pdf | The Florida Senate