Governor Rick Scott pens letter to AHCA Secretary

Governor Rick Scott pens letter to the Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary, Elizabeth Dudek.

Dear Secretary Dudek:

Thank you for your work to ensure hospitals and insurance plans entered into contractual agreements for Medicaid rates that are folly compliant with state law. Any hospital or insurance plan that did not submit their compliance information to you by your August 1st deadline necessitates immediate further action to ensure taxpayers are not being over-charged due to contracts above and beyond the legal Medicaid rate limit of 120 percent (pursuant to FL Statute 409.975 (6)). Let’s never forget that all Medicaid payments are paid for by the taxpayers of our state.

In order to protect Florida taxpayers from having to pay hospitals and insurance companies for rates higher than allowed by state law, please instruct your agency to begin taking the following steps:

To read steps and complete letter: .pdf | Source: Governor Scott Website