Medicaid Plans to Get Extra Drug $

Florida Medicaid officials have decided to give an extra payment to managed-care plans to cover the unexpected cost of a new treatment for a common viral illness, Hepatitis C.

Credit Courtesy of Gilead Sciences Inc.
The Agency for Health Care Administration intends to make a “kick payment” to plans to help them cover the drug Sovaldi, Press Secretary Shelisha Coleman said. That’s the term used when an agency gives additional payments beyond the contracted amount because of unforeseen circumstances.

Coleman said details on the payments, including the amount, should be ready by June 30. AHCA officials say they don’t think they will have to submit a supplementary request to the Legislative Budget Commission.

The kick-payment news will be a relief to the HMOs and PSN’s (provider-service networks, which are mostly non-profit plans operated by hospitals, physician groups or clinics) staggering under the price of Sovaldi. Gilead, the manufacturer, is charging $84,000 for one 12-week course of treatment; the drugs that must be given with it brings the cost to …

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