Political Dominos Could Fall if FSU Selects John Thrasher

The clock is ticking for First Coast politicians as John Thrasher continues his efforts to become the next president of Florida State University.

While FSU has opened the search to other candidates, Thrasher remains a top contender for the position. But Thrasher can be excused if he keeps an eye on the calendar. The last day to qualify for state office is June 20. With Thrasher running for re-election this year, it would make things a lot easier if FSU makes its decision before then.

Regardless, even if FSU doesn’t make its decision by June 20, Thrasher should be in fine shape. Thrasher represents a very Republican district and his only opponent so far is Greg Feldman, a former police officer and DCF executive, who is running with no party affiliation. Thrasher held off two impressive Democratic candidates in 2010 and 2012 and it’s hard to imagine a last-minute candidate from that party doing much better this time out.

But if Thrasher is in good shape, even if FSU makes its decision, some other First Coast Republicans should have concerns. Names are already being floated as Thrasher’s replacement in the Senate, including Doc Renuart and Travis Hutson who…

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