Citizens Launching Hurricane, Mobile Home Communications Campaigns

“Citizens Is Ready” is a public education campaign of programs and people working behind the scenes at Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to prepare Florida’s largest property insurer – in the event a catastrophe strikes. This campaign is designed to enhance the public awareness of the many ways Citizens prepares for response to a catastrophe. The campaign will leverage social media, Citizens Advisor external newsletter and the Citizens Connection employee newsletter.

The season-long series will be divided into three segments: “Before the Event,” “During the Event,” “After the Event,” and be published on social media as well as internal and external newsletters and communications channels. Citizens will feature messages highlighting Citizens’ many emergency response programs, including Citizens’ mobile scalable claims-handling, emergency response team volunteers, emergency operations centers, field services vehicles and many behind-the-scenes efforts. The campaign will kick-off in late May and will continue throughout hurricane season. Spotlight features will also be used to highlight individual jobs and tasks performed during hurricane season to help Citizens prepare.

Campaign branding elements have been incorporated on each social media network page to engage our audience in the effort. Examples of the branding are featured behind the summary.

Along with the already established hashtag #HurricanePrep, Citizens will brand certain content and graphics with the hashtag #CitizensIsReady further amplifying our message.

Citizens is strong position to provide this behind the scenes look at our most important mission and an opportunity to explain what it takes to be ready when the wind blows. This campaign touches each aspect of our business and is a reflection of the dedicated teamwork storm preparation takes.

For Citizens Advisor: .pdf | Citizens Property Insurance Corporation