Governor Scott: Healthcare Commission’s Work to Gather Hospital Data and Measurements on Patient Quality of Care Vital to Informing Funding Decisions


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, the Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding met in Tampa for the first of a three-stop Spotlight Transparency Tour across Florida. The Commission’s tour focuses on how taxpayer money in Florida supports Florida hospitals and what results for patients are provided at taxpayer-financed institutions.

Governor Scott said, “The Obama Administration’s decision to end the Low Income Pool program left our state with major decisions to make about how to support hospitals that are financially dependent on these federal funds. In the weeks ahead, the work of the Healthcare and Hospital Funding Commission will be vital to assessing the quality of care provided to Floridians through taxpayer-funded hospitals. We absolutely must ensure that taxpayer money going to hospitals has a high return on investment for the people of Florida. That means that the Florida taxpayers who use these hospitals should be getting the best care possible. The more information the Commission gathers from hospitals about their outcomes for patients, the better we can target state taxpayer money to get the highest quality from the hospitals their tax dollars support.

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